A Guide to Changing your last name after your wedding


If you are reading this, chances are you are soon-to-be married or already married and considering changing your last name! It’s definitely an undertaking, and one that I have also spent a long time thinking about. Jonathan and I decided to both change our names to join together, and had not started the process for some time. We are both taking each other’s last names as a double last name, and we are going through the name changing process together!

While finally starting to dig into name change research in Florida, HitchSwitch reached to try using their name changing service. Perfect timing! If you are wondering how to change your name after your wedding, continue reading for options, tips, and my review of the name changing service, HitchSwitch.

This post is in partnership with HitchSwitch, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, and if you happen to sign up through my link I will get a small commission for coffee money, which helps fuel my content creation.


+ 2 ways to change your name

+ What is HitchSwitch

+ HitchSwitch package options

+ What you receive: Platinum Package

+ How to use the HitchSwitch packet

+ Final review

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2 ways to change your name

Some states may vary, but this is the general information for changing your name in the state of Florida.

Method 1: Do it yourself!

  1. Obtain your marriage certificate. After you get married, file your marriage license with your county courthouse. Our wedding officiant took care of this for us. After a few weeks you’ll receive your certified copy of your marriage certificate in the mail (this is a copy of the document you signed during/after your ceremony, with the official seal on it. I thought it was going to be a fancy certificate, but here in our county it was literally just a copy of the paper!). Once you have this copy, you can begin filing for your married name change!
  2. Social Security Office. This must be done first. Once you have your marriage certificate, the next stop is the Social Security office. Once the change is officially made there, you can begin changing everything else.
  3. Start changing all of your documents:
    • Driver’s license
    • Passport
    • USPS (if changing address)
    • IRS
    • Voter registration
    • Vehicle information
    • Banking information & credit cards
    • Payroll
    • Any additional accounts, licenses, doctor’s records, work-related accounts (retirement and other)
    • Optional: Social media accounts, rewards programs

Method 2: Use a name changing service to change your name

We decided to go with this method and are using HitchSwitch to help us with the name changing process. Continue reading for a detailed review of this name changing service.


what is hitchswitch

HItchSwitch is a newlywed name change service that helps simplify the process of changing your last name. While they primarily focus on changing your name after marriage, they can assist with other name changes as well. The service primarily works by pre-filling out all of the important forms needed for your name change, and providing you with an organized packet information to then file and mail yourself.

hitchswitch packages

HitchSwitch has 3 name change packages at 3 different price points:

*these are the current package prices as of December 2019

  • Print at Home ($39): If you just need a little guidance in getting started, with all of your documents available for self-printing
  • Full Service ($69): Includes all of important documents printed off for you to file, along with pre-postage envelopes for the documents you can send off.
  • Platinum ($99): The highest package includes everything from the full service package, a free printed passport photo, and a personal name change concierge if you have any questions along the way.

The sign up process was very quick for their services. I selected my package (Platinum), filled out a form with personal information (took less than 10 minutes), and an account was created for me! Only one name is created per account, so an additional account was created for Jonathan too. Once completed, we received our packets in the mail within a week or so.


what’s included in the platinum package?

The Platinum HitchSwitch packages contains: 

  • pre-filled out forms in the recommended order you need to file them in
  • “Notice of Name Change” forms you can give your employers, doctors, and others
  • Pre-stamped envelopes for mailing off your forms
  • An insert that tells you how to redeem your passport photo
  • Tips & a checklist of accounts you may need to change

how to use the hitchswitch packet

After reviewing the forms provided in the packet you will still need to fill in some of the personal information, such as your social security number. The instructions are pretty clear on what steps to take to complete the name change process and stress that you must go to the social security office first to start the process. After changing your name at the social security office, you can then begin to do all of the name changes mentioned in method 1.

HitchSwitch provides all of the paperwork for the main name change priorities, to save some time researching and getting the forms. The pre-stamped envelopes will also be great for placing all of the forms directly into the mail. While you can mail in some of the forms, J and I will still be going in person to the main ones, such as the DMV. To mail in the forms you need to send your marriage certificate, and since we only have one copy we want to go together at the same time.

I’m not sure if we will encounter any challenges with J wanting to change his last name too, but I will report back once we complete the change at the social security office!

Name change questions

If there are any questions on HitchSwitch or the general name changing process, HitchSwitch has a dedicated FAQ area. If you have the Platinum package, there is also a dedicated concierge to help you along the way.

final thoughts

It is definitely possible to do all of the research and go through the name changing process on your own, but if you want all of the documents you need all in one place I’d recommend giving HitchSwitch a try. This is definitely going to help expedite the process for us and with such a hectic schedule, it’s so great to have this as an option.

10% off your hitchswitch package

If you’re interested in using  HitchSwitch to help with your name change after marriage, you can use my code helloluci at checkout for 10% off the package of your choice. 

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A Guide to changing your last name after your wedding

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