6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Designer


Choosing a designer to work with is a lot like dating! It’s so important to work with a branding or website designer that is a perfect fit for you. If this is your first time looking for a designer to work with you may have a lot of questions!

I like to talk with my clients on a video call to discuss their goals, their business, and explain what it’s like to work together. Below are a few questions to get you started when looking for a designer to work with. This information may be listed on their website or they may go over it in their initial discussions, but if it isn’t I recommend having these questions handy when you talk with them.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Designer
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Here are some important questions to ask your potential designer before working together

Can you tell me about your design process or what the steps are to work together?

Every designer has their own unique way of working with a client, and I think it’s very important to share what the steps are before the project begins! For example, my design process has 4 main parts: Discovery, Explore, Design/Build, and Launch! 

Do you take some time to learn about my business or include brand strategy?

Is it important to you that your new branding or website truly reflects your brand values and ideal client? You may just need a logo or website quickly to get something out into the world, or you may want a deeper process. That is where brand strategy comes in! Some designers offer this and some do not. If this is important to you, be sure to ask!

What is your working style?

Some designers have a collaborative approach, with many calls throughout their process. Other designers may have an initial questionnaire, and complete the designs on their own until presenting their ideas to you. If a specific working style is important to you, you may want to ask your designer how they work. This also goes back to learning more about a designer’s process. My process is very collaborative in the beginning because I really want to know your business inside and out!

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Designer
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The actual design process can vary from designer to designer. For designers who have quick turnarounds, they may have your final designs back in as little as 1-2 weeks! There are many designers who have a longer project timeline. There are also designers who only work with one client at a time and offer quick, but intense project timelines.

How long is your process?

Knowing how long a designer’s process is can help determine what kind of designer matches your own workflow. If you are fully committed to a new design and want something quickly, a speedier designer may be a great fit. If you may need more time during the project, a longer process may work best for you. Keep in mind the scope of the project and the designer’s creative process will also contribute to how long your project will be.

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Designer
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What is your availability?

This one is important! If you are wanting to work with a specific designer, keep in mind they may book clients in advance and may not be able to start immediately. There are some designers who are ready to start as soon as possible, but there are others who book their projects a few weeks to months ahead of time.

What is included in your package?

In addition to the process, what does the designer give you during and at the end of your time working together? A designer’s package offerings may differ, so it’s a good idea to ask what they provide. Some designers offer a la carte services, while others have a set package they provide for their clients. Some offer 1 design concept only, while others may offer 3 concepts. It’s a good idea to ask upfront what a designer includes in their packages and services.

No question about your future design project is too small!

By asking a potential designer any questions you may have, you’ll have a better understanding of what to expect when working together. If you want to learn more about what it is like to work with me, feel free to take a look at my design services and fill out my inquiry form

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