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I create videos and tools to help you spend your time intentionally & build your dream life.

Think practical tools, actionable strategies, and lots of good vibes. If you're a multi-passionate go-getter who wants to make every day count (without the hustle), you're in the right place!

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I'm so glad you've found your way to this corner of the internet dedicated to empowering your personal growth through intentional productivity.

My name is Luci, and I'm passionate about helping individuals design fulfilling lives by prioritizing both well-being and purposeful action.

Through my content, you'll find a blend of practical strategies, insightful reflections, and relatable experiences to help you thrive on your journey.


If you're ready to embark on a growth journey that prioritizes both productivity and wellness, you've landed in the right place!

Join me as we explore mindful techniques, discover sustainable productivity habits, and ultimately create lives that feel both fulfilling and empowered.

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My passion for mindful productivity has been featured in publications like HuffPost, and I love to share my insights through workshops and talks.

I believe that inspiring others to embrace intentional productivity is key to fostering both individual and collective well-being.


Beyond creating content and engaging discussions here at Hello Luci, I also curate a collection of intentional productivity tools under the brand called, Best Days Ahead.

These tools are designed to help you set clear goals, optimize your time, and achieve what matters most.

a couple of things that light me up

focus on Intentional Productivity

Forget the frenzy of ticking off tasks and the constant feeling of falling behind. It's not about cramming every minute with to-dos, it's about being present, focusing on what truly matters, and achieving goals that align with your values – all while leaving space for the fun stuff in life. 

My Intentional
Living Philosophy:

growth without pressure

Constant growth is important, but not the kind that chases perfection. We're all works in progress, and we're always learning and evolving. Sometimes, that means taking a nap instead of checking everything off of your to-do list. It's okay to pause, reflect, and embrace the messiness of progress.

My Intentional
Living Philosophy:

Boundaries for Balance

We love boundaries here! Saying "no" to energy drains, setting limits on work hours, and creating a healthy balance – that's how I encourage you to prioritize your well-being. Release the guilt in saying "no", because protecting your time ensures you have the energy to pursue your passions

My Intentional
Living Philosophy:

Lifting Each Other Up

We're not meant to navigate this journey alone. Community is essential. I cherish connections with other amazing humans who also want to live their best lives. Support, encouragement, and high fives all around – we raise each other up and celebrate each other's victories.

My Intentional
Living Philosophy:

Nourishing YOUR Body and Mind

Self-care isn't selfish, it's essential. Healthy food, quality sleep, and even a living room dance party – whatever nourishes you, inside and out, is a priority. Taking care of your well-being is the fuel that keeps you going and allows you to show up as my best self for yourself and others.

My Intentional
Living Philosophy:

Tech as a Tool for flexibility

Apps can keep you organized, systems can put tasks on autopilot, and all of it can free you up for the good stuff. More time for learning, exploring, and connecting – less time wrestling with an overflowing inbox. Use technology to work smarter, not harder, so you can focus on what truly matters.

My Intentional
Living Philosophy:

make time for adventure & experiences

Adventure beckons everywhere, from trying a new recipe to exploring a new neighborhood. Stepping outside my comfort zone is where the best learning happens. Life is about experiencing, growing, and discovering, and I believe the most vibrant moments help you grow.

My Intentional
Living Philosophy:

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