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Hello Luci

a design studio for ambitious brands

My mission is to help you craft an intentional and uncomplicated brand story that is easily conveyed to your customers when they experience your brand - whether on social media, in person, or reading the ingredients label on your product.

I am passionate about design and application that outlasts the latest trends so you get a return on your investment for years to come.

An intentional & lasting brand story.

The Hello Luci Philosophy

design is

For the Creative Spirit

Building your brand is special, and fun. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and out of your comfort zone during the brand design stage, my process will energize you and make you excited about sharing your brand with the world. 

design is

For Everybody

I value inclusivity and diversity in branding and design so I create brand experiences that are welcoming of all people. And because I am so grateful to call this my work, I donate a portion of your project fee to non-profit organizations who help kids, youth and people of color explore design, tech and the arts! 

 Begin With Intention

Intentional beginnings, make happier endings. I believe in design with meaning and create only what you need to reach your goals. No fluff.

learn as you grow

When you learn, you grow. I empower you to use your new brand assets to their full potential so you can take your business to the next level.


You are the chief storyteller in your business. I understand that your brand is important to you and involve you in every step of the strategy and design process.


Your brand is a lifestyle. I craft brand designs that spark joy for you, and your customers.

The core values around here

The idea for Hello Luci was planted in my head and heart after being limited in my career as an Interior Designer. I was always told to focus on “one thing” to be successful but I knew that I could help people in a more meaningful way if I showed up as my complete self. 

And so, what started as freelancing on Upwork in my university days, slowly blossomed into an interdisciplinary design studio for growing businesses and entrepreneurs like you.

hELLO, i'm luci, A multi-passionate design geek in Tampa, Florida.

Meet Luci, Your Chief Design Officer

My background in art, graphic design, architecture, and interior design gives me the unique ability to teach you how all elements of design work together to create holistic brand experiences that connect people for a lifetime, much like good food, strong coffee, or your favorite cafe.

I love minimal design, and when I am not staring at my Mac, you can find me being inspired by nature, or pottering around art museums and searching for the best tacos in my city.

from freelancer to studio owner

design is my life & how i view the world...

... but i do have a few hobbies

quick facts

ENFJ + enneagram 2

she / her / hers

Texas born

Notre Dame Alum


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I feel confident about my web presence!

talk to darrell

“Before working with Luci, I didn't have a brand identity at all. There was no cohesion at all with the brand or lack thereof. I was surprised by the fact that she really captured what was in my brain even though I might not have done a great job of explaining it. Since working together, I feel much more confident about the web presence that I will be presenting. I feel I will no longer be ashamed of any of my digital content!”

I honestly had NO idea what I wanted my logo to look like, or what my brand identity should consist of. I didn't have any hesitations before deciding to work with Luci. I was completely confident she would get the job done beautifully! I knew she had wonderful ideas and a unique aesthetic that I was excited to bring to my business. My new brand identity stood out from the rest with a fresh, creative design that was user friendly. I now feel confident in sending proposals and documents with my new branding!

My new brand identity stood out from the rest.


carrie wildes photography

“I had a website that had not been refreshed or update in about 6 years so it was not easy to showcase everything we do in a simple and modern manner. I now have the vision that I wanted to showcase our work and have an easy way for potential clients to walk through what we do and easily contact us! I've gotten so many compliments on our new site and I'm really proud of what it looks like! Luci made it very straightforward what was needed and turned exactly what I wanted into a reality!”

I'm really proud of my website now!

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What to expect?

Partnering with me is like co-working with a friend! I’m relaxed, patient, and always have your best interest in mind.

I collaborate with one client at a time so I can truly put myself in your shoes and develop a holistic brand in less time. You are my main focus!

Ready to work together?

I can't wait to meet you!