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Chief Financial Officer for Creative Entrepreneurs, helping provide clarity and confidence around their money

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ACT Now Financial Services provides a holistic suite of financial services for creative entrepreneurs. She came to Hello Luci Creative, wanting to elevate her brand and make it reflect her high-level of service. 

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design

To speak to ShawnToya's ideal clients, we created a sophisticated brand identity to relaunch her business.

Her new brand experience shows that she is the go-to expert in her industry, and that she wants to help creative entrepreneurs reach and exceed their financial goals. With a focus on her online presence and future endeavors, we created a full suite of coordinating brand elements that can be used in a wide range of applications.

For ShawnToya's brand strategy, we focused on positioning her as the go-to chief financial officer for creative entrepreneurs.

We focused our strategy towards creatives at every phase of their business journey, and also walked through updating ShawnToya's services to reflect what she can offer at each stage.

Her ideal clients are service-based creative women in business, who have the drive and talent but need a patient and knowledgable expert to help with their financial overwhelm.

We wanted to nod to the urgency of her brand name and wanting creatives to take action on their finances, while also maintaining some softness. I created an exclamation point as a focal point of her logo and her icon, with the dot having interchangeable brand colors.

I also created a small set of supplemental icons, that work individually for each of the special areas of her business- accounting, consulting, and tax services. These icons can also be paired with her main logo and other logo variations.

For ShawnToya's branding, I focused on creating a a brand suite that was powerful and luxurious, that also reflected creativity through the color palette and primary logo style.

It was important to ShawnToya that her branding was professional, personable, and would serve her business for a long time to come.

"Since working together, I feel much more confident about the web presence that I will be presenting. I will no longer be ashamed of any of my digital content!"

– darrell

What to expect?

Partnering with me is like co-working with a friend! I’m relaxed, patient, and always have your best interest in mind.

I collaborate with one client at a time so I can truly put myself in your shoes and develop a holistic brand in less time. You are my main focus!