At Home Teeth Whitening: Does It Work?

Home Teeth Whitening

If you follow my adventures on Instagram, you all know I LOVE coffee. Coffee drinking is a part of my routine that really gets my day going! Although it is delicious, drinking it every day has also caused my teeth to have some staining. I have been searching for an in-home whitening process that won’t break the bank as much as an in person treatment, and was thrilled at the opportunity to try Smile Brilliant’s teeth whitening system.

This post has been sponsored by Smile Brilliant, but all opinions are my own.

My history with teeth whitening:

I started becoming more interested in coffee culture a few years ago. Prior to this, my teeth had always been a pretty healthy shade of white. I hadn’t taken teeth whitening seriously until one dentist appointment where I was told that my teeth were severely stained from my coffee consumption. Since the staining had happened over a couple of years, I hadn’t even noticed the shift! After that visit, I started researching into different whitening methods.

When I was younger I had tried whitening strips, however I did not like that they did not stay in place for me very well. I decided that these weren’t for me this time around. I tried charcoal powder for a short period of time, but I found that that made my teeth and gums extremely sensitive. I had spoken with my dentist about their teeth whitening options, but their whitening process was a little out of reach for my pockets. 

It was around this same time that Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their whitening system in exchange for a review, and I was thrilled to test it out! Keep reading to find out more about my experience, and there’s a treat at the end of this post for one of you (*hint, GIVEAWAY!), courtesy of Smile Brilliant! 

The Smile Brilliant whitening kit: 


I received my whitening kit in the mail quickly and got started with the process. I received the T3 Sensitive System for sensitive teeth.

The kit included:
+ 3 base pastes
+ 3 catalyst pastes to make the molds
+ 3 teeth whitening gels
+ 3 desensitizing gels

I was really excited that Smile Brilliant offered an option for sensitive teeth ad was looking forward to seeing how it helped with the whitening process.

How to make the impressions:

The T3 Sensitive System I received provided very detailed instructions on how to best create the impressions. Using the 2 pastes in the kit, I created a catalyst paste to make a mold for both my top and teeth. This was the part I was most nervous about, as the instructions said the paste had to be mixed and placed in the molds quickly. I used my phone timer to watch my time, and it was mostly a success! I’m so happy Smile Brilliant included the extra container of the pastes, because I accidentally took two impressions of my top teeth! After finishing my impressions, I mailed back my molds in a pre-postage envelope and received custom fitted trays for my top and bottom teeth.


The teeth whitening process:

After receiving my custom fitted trays, I was ready to start the whitening process! After reading the instructions on how to use the trays and gels, I decided to whiten my teeth after dinner, right before bed. You’ll need to allow time for to brushing your teeth with water, at least 45 minutes for whitening, brushing normally, and allowing 15-25 minutes for the desensitizing gel (if you’re using it). Smile Brilliant recommend starting with whitening the minimum amount of 45 minutes, to see how your mouth handles the gel. From there if you do not experience much sensitivity, you can increase the whitening time. The whole process for me usually took about an hour and a half each night, but the instructions said you can whiten for up to 3 hours each session.

My experience with Smile Brilliant:

I noticed I experienced some sensitivity immediately after using the whitening gel if I applied too much. However, I applied the sensitivity gel after each use and did not notice any sensitivity the next morning. I think the sensitivity gel worked very well for me, and I was very impressed!

The only challenge I had with the system was figuring out the perfect amount to use in my trays. By using less, I did experience less sensitivity, but I was told it will take a little longer to see the results of the whitening. I was able to get 3-4 uses out of one gel applicator. Overall, the Smile Brilliant link system was very easy to use and I loved that I could put the trays in while doing things around the house. #multitasking 

My results so far:

before whitening
before whitening
after 7 whitening system uses
after 7 whitening system uses

So far I have been using the whitening system for a total of 7 days, and I am pleased with the progress. They recommend you use the system for 7-12 days, and I will continue to use it for the upcoming days. The instructions also recommended avoiding teeth staining items during the whitening period as much as possible, as it can affect your results too. I think I was not applying enough gel in the beginning, but I can notice a difference between my starting picture and progress picture! I am enjoying the progress so far and look forward to seeing the final results!

Smile Brilliant Giveaway!!

Have you been curious about Smile Brilliant and their in home whitening system? I am partnering with them to give one of you a whitening kit of your own to try, valued at $149! If you’re interested in entering, follow this link: HELLO LUCI SMILE BRILLIANT GIVEAWAY

This giveaway is open to residents in the United States, Canada, & . If you’re ready to get to whitening or are not a giveaway winner, not too worry! You can use my code helloluci to receive 15% off of you purchase at Smile Brilliant. I can’t wait to see your results!

Have any questions for me and my Smile Brilliant whitening experience? Drop them below in the comments!

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