🗣️ say it louder! overthinking has no place in your way to success!

It's time to get out of your head and do everything you've promised yourself. 🖤

I used to have a hard time making decisions, taking action, and visualizing my plans. I was always in my head, felt stuck, and was easily overwhelmed with all of my thoughts and ideas.

What has helped me navigate big decisions and changes has been  JOURNALING WITH INTENTION and using journal prompts to help me navigate my thoughts.

My guided journaling practice has completely transformed my mindset, helped me recognize my thought patterns, and take actions much quicker than before!

Breathing Room

all you need is some

Get out of your own head and free up that space for your ideas!

Journaling with intention helps you explore your thoughts and gain insight on a particular part of your life.

Start to understand what is holding you back from taking action.

Turn your plans into actual action AND make progress.

Gain more trust in yourself and improve your decision-making.

with guided journaling you can...

Does guided journaling sound like something you want to try?

If your answer is 'YES!', I'm excited to share with you the exact prompts I use to support you with reaching your goals!

Breathing Room


With the support of the Breathing Room guided journal, you'll be able to:

Keep yourself accountable with reaching your goals with regularly scheduled self-journal dates.


Breathing Room is a digital journaling prompt experience that helps you check in with yourself to make sure you are on the path to achieving your biggest desires in your life and career.

Create a regular and meaningful journaling practice to support your plans and goals.

Understand what the priorities are in your life and align your plans to your big life vision.

Navigate through tough seasons and get clarity on your next steps.

- hollie

"I love that the prompts encourage you to look at your life from both an achievement perspective in goal and vision setting, but also an emotional perspective about how you want to feel everyday whilst working towards your ideal life. I often forget that how I feel is just as important as what I achieve. It’s also really easy to navigate and use digitally."

- chanel

"I love it! It’s simple, not overly complicated to where you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. So happy i was able to use this journal! Just what i needed to move forward in goals for my business!"

If you are new to journaling and want to develop a journaling practice around your dreams and plans, Breathing Room's gentle guided prompts are great for you to get started with.

If you have been journaling and want a more structured approach to think about your life and goals, Breathing room is perfect for getting your thoughts organized.

Take the overwhelm out of getting started and creating lasting change in your life.

The Breathing Room guided journal will help you check in with yourself to keep you on track with your vision.

Breathing room is an 82 page editable digital download PDF file with 65 guided journal prompts to support you throughout the year. Every journal prompt includes dedicated writing space for your thoughts.

Prompt Breakdown

the details

themed prompts

Prompts for for leveling up & planning your future

Daily prompts

Annual prompts

Quarterly prompts

Monthly prompts

Weekly prompts

Prompts for when you need inspiration & motivation

Prompts for for when you’re in a funk or just need to think

prompts for reflection throughout the year

The Breathing Room Guided Journal is $27.

What's included in Breathing Room?

These prompts help you think about your big vision and annual plans, and break them down with smaller check-in and reflection prompts throughout the year. Use these prompts to connect with yourself regularly and develop a consistent journaling practice.

Themed prompts help you dig deeper into specific situations in more detail. Use these prompts when you are going through a specific challenge or season and want to journal on it.

Questions about Breathing Room?

How long am I supposed to journal for?

You can journal for as long or as little as you want! The Breathing Room prompts are there to guide your writing, but there is no right or wrong way. 

Will Breathing Room work for me?

The journal prompts are meant to support you on your personal and professional journey! If you use them consistently you'll be able to check-in and reflect with yourself. There are proven benefits to journaling. Though I am not a licensed professional, I am sharing them from my own experiences and transformation.

What format does Breathing Room come in?

After you purchase Breathing room, you will receive a PDF that you can download. It is editable, which means that you type into it using a PDF software. You can also use it in note-taking apps or even print it off if you prefer to use a physical version.

How do I get access to Breathing Room?

After you purchase Breathing Room, you will instantly receive a confirmation email and link to download the file.

How long do I have access to Breathing Room?

After you download the file, Breathing Room is yours to keep! You may use this for personal use only. Breathing Room may not be used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this file, all sales are final I do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. If you have any questions before purchasing Breathing Room, please email me at hello@helloluci.com.

Breathing Room