Coffee & Meditation in Tampa: Side Bar + Mind Bar

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Although the Tampa Bay community is currently a little quieter than we are used to, it has given me a lot of time to find more peace within myself. I’ve been thinking about how I can incorporate my new routines into my love of exploring Tampa when everything is back at full speed again. There is a new coffee shop and meditation studio opening that I know will help me with this! Today I’m sharing more about my daily rituals and Side Bar + Mind Bar, a new wellness concept coming to Tampa Bay.

My Daily Rituals

Since I’m working from home, I have been trying to designate more time to both getting ready and winding down from my day. I start my mornings by waking up, practicing gratitude, enjoying a cup of coffee and meditating before starting my work day. Before bedtime I have also recently started reflecting on my day and ending it with a meditation to sleep. When I get back out into the world, I want to continue what I’ve been doing, and there is a new coffee shop and mindfulness concept coming to Tampa Bay that will help with that.


Side Bar & Mind Bar

I’ve never heard of a coffee shop that has its own meditation studio, so I’m really looking forward to checking out Side Bar + Mind Bar when they open in South Tampa this summer! Working from coffee shops is my absolute favorite and I have also realized that meditating in the morning helps me with my focus. I love the idea of being able to start my day off with an in-person meditation session and then hop over to work at the coffee shop right after. It sounds like the perfect combo I need. What I’ve learned from all of my alone time this past month is that moments of solitude really help with my productivity. 

One of my favorite things about Tampa is how community-oriented the city is, and Side Bar is going to have exhibits by local artists and monthly activities for people in our area. I like the idea of being able to chat with friends over a cup of coffee while checking out artwork from our local artists. I can already tell it’s going to be the new hidden gem because it’s also located in a cute, family-friendly neighborhood near Palma Ceia.  

Tucked behind Side Bar will be Mind Bar, a secret retreat to recharge and become more grounded through mindfulness sessions. Mind Bar will be a meditation studio offering daily meditation classes for all experience levels. This is important to me because I’m very new to meditation and will probably be a little nervous! It will be nice to have a place that is welcoming to both beginners and more advanced people. When I bring my friends with me, they’ll know that it is a comfortable environment and open to everyone!

This coffee-and-meditation combination will be such a unique concept in our community and it will be the perfect place to get my day started, grab a coffee, hang out with my friends, and unwind after a long day of creating for clients. I’m so excited to visit this new spot in Tampa!

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