There are so many brand strategists and designers out there, and I recommend taking the time to find the right fit for you! If you like knowing all of the details before working together or even booking an intro call,  here are the most frequently asked questions I get before working with a client.

Your questions, answered.

I’ve listed out all my primary capabilities on the home page, but in case I’ve missed something, I’d love to chat! I do require a minimum scope of work, but there’s no limit to what we can create together.

What if I don't see the service I'm looking for?

I believe in setting you up with everything you need to have a thriving presence for your business. If you’re concerned about the investment for developing a holistic brand, take a look at my semi-custom options. 

Can you design just a logo for me?

Fill out the inquiry form so I can learn a little more about you and your business! If we are a great fit, I'll reach out to set up a call with you! On our call we'll go over your design needs, and my process. I'll then send over a proposal for us to get started!

How can we get started working together?

I am really proud of the fun and collaborative process I created for this exciting phase in your business journey. Because it does require some focused work (we’re dreamers and doers after all) I recommend reaching out and booking your services up to 2 months before your ideal project start date. I’m usually booked out 2 months ahead as well. 

How soon can we start working together?

All strategy sessions are listed in the pricing & services guide at a fixed price for your convenience. Custom design experiences are based on your unique needs (think 5 page website vs 15 page website). Estimated cost will be presented to you after our initial consultation and prior to project kickoff but if you’d like an idea of Hello Luci pricing, please review the Pricing & Services guide. 

How much does it cost to work with you?

Yes, but it depends. There are many moving pieces to a brand identity, and I need to make sure we have everything we need to incorporate your current branding on your website. I will take an audit of your brand assets during our initial call, and if anything is missing I recommend doing a brand discovery for your website! This is where we close any branding gaps to ensure a successful website and beyond that, a brand that is consistent throughout.

I have branding, can you just work on my website?

I love working with business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide that are passionate about what they do, and ready to take their brand to the next level. I’d really love to design for a blissful boutique hotel in Bali, or, for an innovative food business in the heart of Tampa where I live - but if your brand is fostered in community, I’m all ears! For us to be a great fit, you should be open to the creative process, even if you’re not a creative yourself. 

What types of businesses do you work with?

My custom branding and web design experiences are made for you services, meaning that your final package is curated to your requirements. While the process stays the same for each project, brand assets or website needs differ - and influence the project timeline. I typically work together with Hello Luci Creative clients for 4 - 8 weeks, minimum. I will share a proposed timeline for your project after our first call.

How long is the design process?

Hello Luci Creative is proudly a one-woman studio with an agency mindset! While I do all of the design work myself, I bring on other trusted specialists if a more expanded scope is needed. This includes a marketing consultant , copywriter, and developer – just to name a few experts in my network! If you have a large project in mind, let's talk!

Are you an agency or do you have a team?

Usually businesses I work with have already done their homework on their business, they know their ideal client, business plan, products and services, and have already done their market research, but if you’re stuck, I’m happy to book a studio session with you to hash out these details (or simply cheer you on) before your actual project. 

How far along in business should I be to work with you?

What to expect?

Partnering with me is like co-working with a friend! I’m relaxed, and patient but offer a high level of service.  I collaborate with one client at a time so I can truly put myself in your shoes and develop a holistic brand in less time since you are my main focus!

Want more info on my services & pricing?

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