How to Start a Money Making Blog with LadyBossBlogger

This year I have decided to focus more energy on making my website my internet home, creating helpful resources through blog posts, and also learning more about monetizing my blog for my own business. Since I am quite new to blogging, I have been eager to learn more about it and how to best utilize my blog to help my community! 

It is so important for me to share my journey and the behind-the-scenes with you all as I build my business, so I wanted to share a bit about my blogging progress! I have been working my way through a blogging course by Elaine Rau called Money Making Blog, and I have been super impressed with it so far. ALSO- I’m so excited to partner with the LadyBossBlogger community & Elaine to give one of you a completely FREE course! Yes- a GIVEAWAY! Keep reading to learn more about my experience with the course so far and more about the giveaway!

This post is in partnership with LadyBossBlogger, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, and if you happen to sign up through my link I will get a small commission, which helps fuel my content creation.

In this post:

Money Making Blog Course Introduction

Course Breakdown

My Review (so far!)

Cost + Giveaway Details

How to Start a Money Making Blog with LadyBossBlogger
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So what is the Money Making Blog course?

The TLDR description is that the Money Making Blog course is a beginner-friendly course on how to get started with your blog and how to monetize it. It starts at the very beginning with your “why” (you know I love the foundations!) and takes you all the way through starting up a blog, creating an editorial calendar, marketing it, and monetizing it.

What has drawn me the most to the course is how transparent Elaine is with her own story. Authenticity and honesty is something I value, and I appreciate how vulnerable she gets in the course. I have loved learning about her story and her own experiences and it also makes me think about how important our own personal stories are on our blogging and business journeys.

What’s in this course?

This LadyBossBlogger course is broken into 15 sections & Bonuses – with a lot of valuable information from getting your blog started to how to market and monetize your blog. Some of the sections I have worked through and am especially looking forward to working through are:

  • Create Your Target Audience: Since I am a multi-passionate creative, figuring out my exact niche is something I am really trying to focus on. I loved the questions in the section to help me think more about what I like talking about and who I like talking to.
  • Set Up Email Marketing Strategy: If you follow along on my Instagram stories, email marketing is something I’m trying to figure out! The section Elaine has in her course covers many aspects of email marketing including landing pages, creating a welcome series, and opt-ins.
  • Blog Marketing Strategy: I’m also exploring how to market my blog and business on Pinterest, and I was so glad to see she has a section on this! The marketing module of her course is BIG. She discusses marketing on the major platforms- Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn.
  • How to Make Money Blogging: This section covers 6 different ways to monetize your blog and how to keep track of your earnings.

There are also modules dedicated to finding your niche, SEO, and making sure you are following all of the correct legal disclosures. This course is extremely comprehensive and covers a great range of important beginner-friendly topics.

My review so far!

I am still working my way through the course, and I am enjoying it! I really like the exercises I have completed so far, especially the target persona and market research. I have been learning a new way to approach my mindset and blogging, and I’m looking forward to continuing my way through it.

The course is all in written form and they are also working on a video format. I have found the written form to be easy to go through, and I can jot down any notes I have in my Google Docs or notebook. It’s also a self-paced course which is great for scheduling into my workflow.

I have found Elaine’s writing style to be very approachable and easy to understand. I also like that some of the topics have downloadable worksheets for you to take notes on and dig deeper.

Although this course does include modules on WordPress (I’m a Squarespace user & designer), I have found the course content to be applicable on all platforms! There is a specific module on getting started with WordPress, but most of the content in that module is applicable to any website building platform. 

Overall, if you are new to blogging and setting up a blog, this course has a lot of valuable information for getting started and monetizing.

Course Cost & A Surprise!

The Money Making Blog course has a 30-day money-back guarantee. There is also a 2-month and 6-month payment plan. I also have a treat for you!! A PROMO CODE! 

Use code ‘lucinixon’ for 40% off any LadyBossBlogger course.

The Giveaway

And if 40% off wasn’t exciting enough (because I think it’s super exciting), I’m also hosting a giveaway on my Instagram for one free LadyBossBlogger course! 

I’m so excited to continue my progress through this course and will update you all soon on everything I’ve been learning! Stay tuned for my final review and giveaway winner announcement!

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