8 Tips to Navigate Staying at Home During Quarantine

Image by  @alisaanton
Image by @alisaanton

When quarantine and social distancing officially took effect, many of us had to adjust to spending most of our time at home. During this time, there have many learning and growing moments. Are there any new challenges or adjustments you have encountered during this time? And if so, how have you been navigating them? For this post in the Work & Life at Home series, the ladies are sharing their experiences and adjustments staying at home.


“I quickly discovered I need to be more disciplined when working from home. The number of distraction in this comfortable place are one too many. My main challenge was staying off my phone and staying away from the pantry. Something I’ve started to do is write a list of things by the hour which I need to complete and then reward myself with phone time. I also applied Digital Wellness timer on my phone to shut me out of apps if I’m overusing it.”



“A lot of adjustments! Homeschooling my 2nd grader has been a challenge, but we stick to the routine and it helps! Not being able to work with my clients has been challenging, but I stay connected with them on social media and email! I’ve also been working on creating resources and digital products to help them create content on their own until we can work together again!”



“A new challenge for me is having my boyfriend home with me during the day now! I’ve worked from home for years, and I’m used to doing my own thing and working my butt off during the day. But now that he’s here, we’re learning to give each other space, but also to take time during the day to enjoy each other’s company. He definitely reminds me to step away from the computer and go for a hike or eat some lunch.”



“I get overwhelmed at the idea that we’re still restricted inside. When I do, I like to go outside and get some air. Just sitting outside seems to release my frustration.”



“Thankfully, I haven’t had any challenges. I’m just really grateful both my hubby and I are working from home and still getting our regular paychecks consistently.”



“My biggest challenge is juggling a baby who still depends on me to help him with so many things. Unlike having an 8-year-old who can entertain himself while I take a call, I have a little one and I’m constantly working to play “Tetris” with my day. We’re getting better at it, but life is pretty unpredictable. The good thing is that people have been really understanding during the few times I’ve had to reschedule or if they hear my son scream in the background– so that’s been nice.”



“I miss the interaction with people, as a teacher I am around people 24/7 and this social distancing has taken a huge toll on me, but adding some friendly Zoom calls has helped. Of course I have the company of my husband, but it is not the same. I miss going out with friends, brunching and trying new restaurants, mingling… these are all basic necessities a human need. This is the hardest thing for me. I also have to say that working from home has its perks, but it does have its downside. Love that I can wake up a couple of minutes before hopping on a call and teaching from my porch, but then I just become lazy and procrastinate on my chores or on my to-do list.”



“Challenges is staying motivated at all times. I love working from a coffee shop or Panera bread, just to switch up my space, but what I do is move from my computer room space to a chair on my balcony, etc. I try to switch up where I move my computer to keep going.”


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