How to Stay Creative During Quarantine

Image by @romankraft
Image by@romankraft

I don’t know about you, but being in quarantine has definitely changed up my creative flow! I now find myself at home without knowing how to channel my creative energy, or even get in the mood to be creative. In this post of the Work & Life at Home series, some amazing ladies share their thoughts on how to stay creative during these unprecedented times.


“There are three things that are guaranteed to give you new, creative thoughts:

1. Taking walks in new spaces. My son and I recently drove 20 minutes away just to have new scenery when we walked, and it excited us both. It got me thinking about new things, and I’m sure there’s something that happens psychologically when you’re in a new environment.

2. Read books about your industry… and other industries. It keeps you sharp, and gives you something to chew on.

3. Watch TikTok videos. Yep, I’m serious. It’s so fun to see how artists, teachers, comedians, and first responders are all using it to entertain and inform.  I always walk away from a “TikTok binge” with new ideas for my business.”



“My best advice would be to find your happy place. I love the beach, candles and island instrumentals. So, when I need to get into my creativity zone, I burn a candle and listen to waves crashing or island instruments on YouTube. It helps calm my mind and allow me to really dig deep and create some really good content.”



“Create a space that makes you feel creative! I set up a little corner of my living room as my workspace and I love sitting there!”



“I’ve been more creative during this time because I’ve intentionally created the physical and mental space to do so. To boost this for yourself try the following:

1. Find a spot in your home to develop a creative space for yourself. Fill that space with smells and images that inspire you. Somewhere that you’re proud to show up to on a regular. This doesn’t have to be a full room. Just a space that you’ve intentionally designated to creativity. 

2. Be aware of the times of day where creativity flows and when it doesn’t. Don’t force yourself to create when the juices aren’t flowing.



“Pick up a little hobby or something you’ve always wanted to try doing. I started back painting. I think painting is relaxing just painting abstract art. It allows me to look at creative ways to use color and just be free with the painting and use let my brush do the work.”



“Get your ass in the kitchen! Now is the perfect time to get back to basics and hone in on your cooking and baking skills. If you don’t know where to start, grab a copy of my cookbook, Hi, I’m Hungry, at”



“My best advice for you to stay creative during this time is to consistently move your body. Move any stagnant energy you may be experiencing and let it flow through you. This will increase your creativity and give you an outlet to release any tension from your body.”


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