Self Care Tips for Turbulent Times

How are you taking time to take care of yourself during quarantine? Do you have a new hobby? Are you reading a new book? During quarantine and beyond, it’s so important to continue to take care of ourselves. I interviewed some great bloggers and entrepreneurs for the Work & Life at Home series, and today they are sharing how they are taking care of themselves during the time of Coronavirus.


“I’ve always had a passion for reading romance novels, so I do that in my spare time. Since I moved into my house, I have created a inspo Pinterest board for all decor, paint and everything you can imagine!”



“My hobby has always been photography, so that’s pretty much been it! I do paint my nails more often, which I wasn’t really into before!”



“I’m watching this show on Netflix – Schitt’s Creek which uplifts my mood instantly! I wanted to try something new. So, I ordered a coloring book for adults + gel pens from our trusty and I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY.”



“Never miss a day! I def take time for myself, being that I work 9-5 answering emails and doing things for work and after that im usually on my computer until 10pm. After 5 I take a min to relax, get a workout in. Just constantly working and looking at the computer can be a lot. I try to disconnect. I do have days where after work I don’t touch my computer. It’s just a time for me to regroup. When Im away from a computer I do some food photography shots to work on other skills.”


Image by  @anthonytran
Image by @anthonytran

“To take care of myself, I am using this time to really pour into my mindset. That means 1 new book a week, my current read is Atomic Habits by James Clear, and a few modules from personal development courses I have invested in but have definitely neglected. It has been refreshing to spend 3-4 hours a day just reading and moving through content that inspires to pour into my community.”



“I’m currently reading a thriller called “The Woman in the Window”. I just got into thrillers because it totally removes me from “business” Danielle and “mom Danielle”– I just get to be completely engrossed in this other world and as nerdy as it sounds, it’s a really fun escape. I read for about an hour before bed most nights. It’s just a simple little thing that I have for myself.”



“Schitts Creek has been keeping me entertained on Netflix. It’s hilarious! When I’m tired of screen time I read my book. Currently reading the power of now.”



“I’ve been using the alarm method to remind me to take actual breaks. Not work through lunch or dinner, but turn off my work computer and laptop and actually take a break. My goal is to read a book a month and being home has definitely made this a lot easier. I finished More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth for March and it was such an amazing manifesto for women struggling with being their authentic self. Now I’m on to Becoming by Michelle Obama for April.”


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