Do you remember the last time you interacted with a brand? Did it leave a bitter taste? Remind you to check out their site? Was your first impression so great that you're thinking about converting from a brand you've used for years? Here's why. Branding is more than a logo.  Branding creates a strong emotional connection - whether good or bad.  My superpower is creating brand identities that turn every client interaction into an experience worth talking about - positively.

Create a brand experience that gets your audience talking.

Every stage of your vision tells a story.

No matter where you are in business, your brand has a unique factor that will  wow your customers and get you paid. At Hello Luci Creative, you can start where you are and build your dream brand with an expert on speed dial. Each package is custom and aligned to your vision and business goals.

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brand strategy

brand strategy

brand strategy workshops

brand strategy workshops

how we can work together

Dreaming up an awesome brand experience for your audience is both art, and strategy. My Brand Alignment Strategy Sessions offer a friendly and fun environment for us to drill down on the work you're passionate about. Together we'll create a solid strategy that you can use to build a strong brand right now. You can choose from a 90 minute mini-strategy session or a full immersive workshop, where we go through my Heart Meets Strategy method to discover and clarify your brand foundations. This option is perfect for you if you want to get started on your brand identity but need more time to hire a professional designer.  

brand identity design

brand identity design

Want a done-with-you brand identity that will make you and your soul customers BFFs forever? We’ll start from the beginning, and thoughtfully consider all the elements you need to tell a whole, poignant and consistent brand story.  Every business is different, so I offer the option to  create a custom brand identity package with all the (functional) bells and whistles . Need aprons? No problem.  Designing interiors? I got you. I don't slap a logo on your brand and call it a day.  I want you to have fun and think of all the ways that connect you to your audience online and IRL. I highly recommend custom brand identity design if you’re launching a new idea or struggling to fine tune your brand identity. 

website  design

website  design

Websites are absolutely crucial to build trust and show your expertise. Having a website also gives you the peace of a dedicated online space that you own!  But no two websites are equal, and when your needs are different - your bill should be too. From long scroll one-pagers, e-commerce, to resource websites, I work together with you to create a user-friendly website experience that converts.

additional design services

additional design services

brand photography
creative direction
digital design
environmental design

So much to do, so little time right? Enjoy the convenience and time saving of  adding a la carte services to your project! By leaving your brand photography or creative direction with me (among other things) all brand assets are created to the best quality and with your overall brand identity in mind.

packaging design
pitch deck design
print design

I don’t approach brand and website design as a stuffy marketing activity to check off your to-do list. An intentional and holistic brand experience is the glue that ties you to your people, and you to them, and I believe you can have a great time putting it all together. My process is the most natural yet purposeful way of storytelling in your business through brand design. 

My Approach


Establish the brand foundations of your business.



Explore how your brand strategy comes to life in any design elements.



Design and build the brand experience of your dreams!



Sail into the sunset with impactful branding and knowledge of how to use it. 


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She really captured what was in my brain!

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“Before working with Luci, I didn't have a brand identity at all. There was no cohesion at all with the brand or lack thereof. I was surprised by the fact that she really captured what was in my brain even though I might not have done a great job of explaining it. Since working together, I feel much more confident about the web presence that I will be presenting. I feel I will no longer be ashamed of any of my digital content!”

I honestly had NO idea what I wanted my logo to look like, or what my brand identity should consist of. I didn't have any hesitations before deciding to work with Luci. I was completely confident she would get the job done beautifully! I knew she had wonderful ideas and a unique aesthetic that I was excited to bring to my business. My new brand identity stood out from the rest with a fresh, creative design that was user friendly. I now feel confident in sending proposals and documents with my new branding!

I didn't have any hesitations choosing Luci.


carrie wildes photography

“I had a website that had not been refreshed or update in about 6 years so it was not easy to showcase everything we do in a simple and modern manner. I now have the vision that I wanted to showcase our work and have an easy way for potential clients to walk through what we do and easily contact us! I've gotten so many compliments on our new site and I'm really proud of what it looks like! Luci made it very straightforward what was needed and turned exactly what I wanted into a reality!”

I'm really proud of my website now!

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What to expect?

Partnering with me is like co-working with a friend! I’m relaxed, and patient but offer a high level of service.  I collaborate with one client at a time so I can truly put myself in your shoes and develop a holistic brand in less time since you are my main focus!

Ready to work together?

I can't wait to meet you!