STOP Waiting. START Now!


Welcome welcome! I FINALLY did it. After years of saying I would start a blog and make a website, I did. And I’m sharing it this time! This is a very small step in the big picture of my goals, but I am so happy!

Why did it take so long?

Can I get a “hey there!” from all of the other perfectionists currently reading this? Is there anyone else out there who wants everything to be perfect before jumping into something?

In all honesty, I kept putting this website off because I wanted every.single.piece. to be in place before sharing it with the world. I didn’t want to share anything before it was polished to my own standards. I’ve had a couple of websites before, but they were never good enough for me. I would always change my mind, and therefore prolong launching one.


As a designer and a person who likes for everything to be in its place, I could tweak this forever! I finally put my foot down and said to myself (really- I like to pep talk to myself a lot),

“Lucinda girl, stop waiting. Start where you can! It’s okay that you can’t get everything up at once. Something is sometimes better than nothing at all. Just go for it.”

My Advice:


Start where you are! Just go for it. If it’s launching a blog, talking to a potential new friend or boo, trying out a new class, or a new recipe- whatever it is you keep waiting on, whatever is holding you back. Just go for it! Take small steps or take a big leap. If you start now, you will be further ahead than a couple of minutes ago.

Welcome to my blog. I’m so happy you’re here!

xx Luci

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