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As a branding agency in Tampa and beyond, I come across all types of different types of businesses – especially those that are new to hiring a designer.  From brand strategy workshops to a full branding package, oftentimes people who need branding don’t know what services to get.  I love to hold discovery calls with my design clients in order to figure out what they need.  If you’re not ready to hop on a call, here’s the rundown on what to expect when hiring a branding specialist and why you need a brand designer.  

In this post, I am going to cover the process behind a branding project and working with a brand designer. While this can vary from agency to agency, the basics will be pretty similar!  The main difference between Hello Luci and other brand studios is a strong focus on intentional storytelling to create a connection between you and your potential customer. Check out our branding and design process below!



My first step is to dig deep into your brand strategy and vision.  During the discovery phase, I will work with your brand’s leadership in establishing the brand foundations of your business. This way I can better understand the different puzzle pieces of your brand’s story and begin to get different ideas on how to unlock the vision through design.  

In this stage, we have a collaborative strategy workshop where we brainstorm and nail down the overall brand design strategy and direction.  If you aren’t feeling confident about the direction of your brand, no worries!  Together we’ll figure out your unique brand position, what makes your brand special, and how your products/services align with your ideal customers!  By the end of this stage, your brand identity strategy will be aligned with the long-term business of your business.  


Next, the Explore phase is where I take inspiration from the Discovery stage and plan out a design that reflects your brand strategy.  We will be exploring how your brand strategy will come to life in your visual design identity.  Keeping your business goals and values in mind, I’ll explore different design options and get your approval to go forward with the building process!

Design & Build

The Design & Build stage is where the vision comes to life! As the brand designer, I take the research and strategy decisions that we’ve made to create your visual brand identity.  The timeline of this phase depends on the size and scope of the project – but you’ll just have to sit back and relax while I do the work!  While I’m working on the design, I’ll send you some previews for comments and feedback, so we can make sure it comes out exactly how you like it.


This is where we celebrate creating an impactful brand and gain knowledge of how to use it!  I’ll hand over the brand assets – everything from branding files, brand guidelines, print files, or any other design elements.  If I created a website for you, this is where the site will go live!

I also include a walkthrough video of how all the branding assets work together. This means that you’ll have everything you need once we are done! We’ll have one last call to celebrate, answer any questions, and celebrate a successful project!


Do you want to chat more about your project and what it’s like to work with a brand designer?

Have any questions about branding services or brand identity workshops?  Check out my contact form or my about page to learn more about my branding experience! Visit us on Instagram for updates on what’s going on in the design studio, or on YouTube where I share an intimate behind-the-scenes look at running a design business.

You may be thinking, “Where can I find a branding studio near me?”  Luci is a brand designer that provides Tampa brand design, brand strategy, web & e-commerce design, environmental design, and packaging design for online brands around the country and locally for: 

  • Tampa, St Petersburg
  • Land O’ Lakes
  • Lakeland
  • Plant City
  • Downtown Tampa
  • … and beyond!

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