Quarantine Work from Home Daily Routines

Quarantine Work from Home Daily Routines
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Do you have a daily routine while staying at home? Are you going with the flow? This post in the Work & Life at Home series dives into how to best navigate the structure of your day during this turbulent time. The lovely ladies I interviewed are sharing about what their days are looking like now.


“I’ve been working from home for almost five years now, and the best thing you can do is shower and get ready for your day. I always start my day like I’m getting ready to “go to work”, even if it’s just to my office upstairs. And I always close out the night by reading. Life and work are busy during the day, so taking the time to learn, relax and reflect really helps set me up for the next day.”



“My daily routine consist of me waking up and working my 9-5, but the good thing about being able to work from home at this time is I find time to answer emails and work on my business content. Just trying to keep productive because working from home isn’t as busy as if I were in the office. After 5pm , I dedicate all my time to business content or brainstorming.”



“Contrary to what most say, I don’t believe a daily routine is going to save you while working from home. I find the most success WFH when I choose to focus on what makes me comfortable and what feeds my momentum in the moment. Those drivers are totally different for everyone, but as someone who’s been working for myself on my own schedule for two years, I can’t stress enough how important it is to listen to your instincts. Give your body and mind what they need, whether that’s a day on the couch with Netflix and Ben and Jerry’s, or 5 straight hours of heads down work when you feel a boost of creative energy.

My days usually start with making the bed, scraping my tongue (yeah, that’s gross, right? A doctor told me once that if you take a sip of water when you first wake up, you’re drinking down tons of bacteria that’s been growing in your mouth all night – needless to say, if I had a routine, tongue scraping is in it) drinking a tall glass of water with half of a lemon squeezed into it, about four sips of coffee before completely abandoning the rest of the mug, diffusing my favorite Le Labo Santal essential oil, drafting up a borderline unachievable to-do list, checking my calendar for client meetings, then conquering the day. Breakfast never really happens until noon…. What can I say? I’m an Aquarius with a Capricorn dominated birth chart.”



“I usually have a routine while I am at home, easy and simple, but with COVID-19, things have changed and now it’s a new routine that I have to get acclimated to. It hasn’t changed much, because of the fact that now I just transitioned to working and teaching from home, but my days are shorter, so I do now have more time for myself. Usually after breakfast and work, I try to take some time for myself, before I start prepping dinner and then getting ready for bed”


Quarantine Work from Home Daily Routines
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“I have an 8-year-old and a 3-year-old at home with me, and both thrive off of routines. So most of the morning is spent making them breakfast, homeschooling and fun activities. Then they go down for a nap for a few hours (my saving grace) and that’s my me time to get work done, tidy up the house and relax for a bit! Then the evenings are spent exercising, dinner, spending time with my husband and then putting the kiddos to bed”



“I’m still working my 9-5, just from home so my routine is the same minus the commute to the office and putting on work appropriate attire lol.”



“As an entrepreneur AND the mother of an 18-month-old, routine is important. As soon as we began quarantine, my husband and I created a schedule not only for the baby, but for ourselves. We take “shifts” with my son so that we can each dedicate quality time to our jobs. Since I typically have the afternoons with my son, I make sure to book all my conference calls and team trainings in the morning. When work is done, I focus on the baby but steal moments to email from my phone.

For the sake of my sanity, I end the work day at 5. I stop reading emails completely. This is especially important during quarantine to break-up the day and to create separation between work life and home life.If you’re Netflixing during the day and emailing at 7pm, it makes it difficult to maintain any kind of structure.”



“Prior to the global pandemic, my routine used to be and feel more ordinary as the first thing I had done was go to the gym then handle the tasks of the day- whether that was seeking community events to attend and/or participate at or hands-on production of current collections. Yet, lately for the past 5 weeks my routine is now entailing more “in the moment” focus. More specifically, I’ve learned to embrace the daily opportunities of growth for my business and my personal value that I want to create with and for my community. This shift has shined a new light where I’m excited to brainstorm and create engaging events and collections that will bring my audience and local community stronger together.

For instance, I had planned and mapped out to launch our spring collection early March and was in the flow of sourcing our raw materials until the unfortunate events took place. At first, I did feel nervous, scared, worried, lost with not knowing how to react and what to do with my small business (especially since we’re a new local business). After attending several group coaching sessions for product based businesses (and listening to very uplifting podcast episodes from The Champagne Diet and The Product Boss), an impromptu idea passionately came to light within me.

As my jewelry business is grounded on empowering women to celebrate moments of self-growth and changes throughout life, I felt the need to show up in positive ways for my audience- and this led to our first customized “My Positive Moment Bracelet” campaign. The entire journey and experience from this collection was in and of itself a breath of fresh air and felt good to share with the universe. Overall, my work from home is not so much more of a daily routine, but rather a clear focus on ways to be of service for my community that is fun, uplifting, and extraordinarily glistening upon our hearts.”


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Quarantine Work from Home Daily Routines

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