Pangea Dreams Women’s Retreat: A Complete Review


Have you ever had an experience that was extremely transformative? One random late night internet scroll session turned into an opportunity of a lifetime on the Pangea Dreams Bali retreat. Are you curious about the retreat experience and if it’s worth it? I wanted to share my experience on this magical adventure and answer some questions that might pop up if you’re considering attending one!

*this post is NOT sponsored in any way, and all opinions are my own!

In this post:

+ About Pangea Dreams

+ How I ended up on the retreat

+ What is included in the retreat

+ Retreat costs

+ My Bali retreat experience

+ Final thoughts

First off, what is Pangea Dreams?

Pangea Dreams is a company that hosts retreats around the world for like minded women who love to travel and want to develop their skills through a week long immersive experience consisting of workshops, content creation, and collaboration. The retreat is led by experts in many different industries, including travel blogging, photography, Instagram marketing, personal branding, and more. 

Where is it located?
Everywhere! Pangea Dreams hosts retreats all around the world, and have their 2020 retreat schedule up now! The destinations for next year include  Morocco, Bali, Peru, Mexico, and India. 

How did I end up attending the retreat?

I first discovered the Pangea Dreams retreats one night when I was scrolling through Instagram. One of their ads popped up in my stories, and I clicked on the Pangea Dreams Instagram account to find out more. As I was looking through their account, I was so excited to see that their retreats centered around blogging, business, and wellness. I got so excited reading about the workshops and the idea of group travel with a learning component. Everything felt like a right fit and something I’d love to attend one day. 

I saw that they were running a contest for a giveaway for their Bali retreat, and longer story short – I WON! I freaked out. I thought it wasn’t real. And then several months later I was in Bali, meeting so many amazing women.

What’s included in the retreat?

This will depend on the type of retreat you are attending. For 2020, Pangea Dreams will have 4 different types of retreats that focus on different core topics, such as photography & content creation and entrepreneurship & wellness. The 2020 Signature Retreats will be very similar to the Bali retreat I attended! My retreat included:

+ 7 days/6 nights of accommodations at a retreat house

+ 6 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners

+ Workshop days

+ Explore days to Ubud & Seminyak

How much did the retreat cost?

Most of the retreats are around $3,000 but the price varies. Pangea Dreams also has special offers throughout the year, early booking discounts, and payment plans. Since I won the retreat, it’s a little more difficult for me to speak on financial investment. However, the cost of traveling to the retreat and expenses while there were also things that did add up very quickly. 

I would advise that you really research the different retreat types, locations, and take advantage of every moment once you’re there at the retreat.

For a more comprehensive breakdown on my retreat, keep reading along!

My Bali Retreat Experience


The retreat was located in the cute beach town of Canggu, Bali. We stayed at The Chillhouse Yoga & Surf Retreat, in shared rooms. The rooms themselves were not super high end, but I loved that they felt like mini suites. You can tell that the Chillhouse is we designed with a lot of heart and soul. The retreat grounds were so pretty, with lots of greenery. The staff at the Chillhouse absolutely amazing and really make sure you have a personalized experience. It felt like staying with a friend.

The Hosts

When I arrived to the Chillhouse I was greeted with a giant group hug from our retreat leaders. Each and every one of them was so uplifting and supportive! They were very knowledgeable on the travel blogging and influencer industry and I enjoyed hearing about their experiences. The workshops they led were extremely beneficial for me, and it was great that they were available during our free time to help you with anything you needed! I tried to ask as many questions as possible during our down time and get feedback on things I was working on. Definitely take advantage of being in such an intimate setting with so many knowledgeable women!

Workshops Days
The days were structured to be work workshop days or explore days. The workshop days were packed full of amazing information! You are given a workbook at the beginning of the retreat, and my workbook and notebook had tons of notes. 

Our workshops covered:

+ Personal branding
+ Photography & Lightroom
+ Instagram, pitching & media kits
+ Email marketing & digital products
+ Passive & active income strategies

In other words, LOTS OF AMAZING  INFORMATION with actionable steps. During down time, you were encouraged to apply what you learned in the workshops- whether it be content creation or updating your social media. Our days were pretty packed with workshops and exploring that I did find it challenging to find time to work on what we learned. I was able to do a few updates, and took extensive notes to apply my takeaways when I returned home.


Explore Days
During our retreat we had 2 explore days, and we went to Ubud and Seminyak. 

When we arrived to Seminyak we were given a few hours to explore on our own and meet for Sunset. Even with the time we had, I felt like I could have stayed there for a few days! Seminyak had so many cute cafes and shops, and I wanted to go to all of them!

The Ubud day had a stronger focus on group content creation, and we started the day at the rice terraces for a photoshoot. In Ubud most of our exploring was planned/suggested for us, but I had a great time going to the areas they had selected. 

If you do want to explore Bali more, I would encourage you to arrive earlier or stay a little longer after the retreat. The retreat schedule is pretty full the whole time, and there is not much extra time to explore the island.


The Bali retreat location had its own restaurant, Cassava, with a vegetarian and vegan only menu. As a meat eater, I was a little nervous going into a retreat without any meat, but all of the food was SO GOOD. Now that I am back in the states, I am missing all of the food from cassava. We were able to order freely from the menu for breakfast and lunch, and our dinners were planned buffet meals. My favorite dinner was the ramen night. That broth was magical. 

Every day started with a gratitude circle and every workshop day included morning yoga. I found the yoga on workshop days to be such a great start to an information packed day!

I also loved the intention-setting morning, which I have been working on incorporating into my own daily routine.

Each retreat is unique and special, and I had such a great connection with the other women on my retreat! We all came from different backgrounds and had different goals, but everyone was extremely supportive of one another. I still talk with my roommie, Sammie, almost every day and am so happy we were paired together. After the retreat experience you also have access to a private alumni Facebook group where you can connect with other past retreat goers! It has also been fun talking with previous retreat attendees through instagram who live close by to start making plans for meeting up. The sisterhood you are welcomed into is so supportive!

final thoughts

The Pangea Dreams retreat was an absolute once in a lifetime experience, and I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend! It has been about one month since returning from the retreat, and I am still referring to my notebook, working towards the goals I set at the retreat, and am keeping in touch with the other girls I met on the retreat. I EVEN WROTE THIS BLOG POST! As one of my goals was to focus more on blogging- here we are!

I would recommend the retreat for anyone who is ready to gain new tools and knowledge that will help their businesses and/or blog thrive. The photoshoots, content creation, and learning opportunities I had during the retreat were so valuable. The environment was super nurturing, and everyone was so supportive of my dreams and goals! Sometimes it’s tough to find a community that has similar ideas and visions, and it feels like I’ve found more women to connect with who truly understand!

If you have any questions about attending a Pangea Dreams retreat, feel free to email me or send me a message through Instagram!

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