How To Use Brand Adjectives and Build a Brand Personality


In this post, you’ll learn why defining your brand personality through brand adjectives will allow you to get more out of your branding services and brand design. 

I’m Luci, the designer behind Hello Luci, a branding company in Tampa, Florida.  It’s time to get unapologetic about who you are and develop a brand identity that fosters genuine experiences with your dream clients so you can sell and serve confidently.  I love to help people create brand experiences that both an entrepreneur and a dream customer can identify and resonate with.   

What is a branding adjective?  

Brand adjectives are a great way to establish your brand identity, by using words.  You can create a mood board all day but when you need to describe your brand to a designer or during an elevator speech – are you able to get the whole picture across without talking about colors or visuals?  

By using brand adjectives you can help translate your ideas and visions into tangible words that any designer or audience member can understand. By having a list of brand adjectives, you’ll be able to keep them in mind during the whole branding experience. As a result, your brand personality is clear throughout the whole project.  Having these small details worked out upfront helps you to discover your ideal audience, your overall messaging, tone of voice, and your brand’s visuals.

Branding adjectives create a strong brand personality

At Hello Luci, I love to create a strong brand personality for my clients as it brings so much value to the customer experience.  Brand personality is a selection of human traits and characteristics that describe a brand.  This is something that the users or customers can relate to, humanizing your brand through what your customer loves and how they live. Your brand personality is essentially how you “speak” to your people across your different platforms and media, and having some core traits is helpful for you to always refer back to.

This starts with your brand adjectives.  By selecting a few brand adjectives, you can then figure out what your customer likes and enjoys.  Lean into your brand identity to create experiences that turn strangers into friends, and friends into loyal customers. Lean into your brand identity to create experiences that turn strangers into friends, and friends into loyal customers.   

Where can I find branding adjective examples?

One of my most popular posts on Hello Luci Creative is 75 Adjectives to Describe Your Brand Personality – here you can find tons of questions you can ask yourself to figure out your brand personality and 75 different adjectives you can use!  From bohemian to the more modern brand identity, you are sure to find the perfect word that describes the vision you have in mind. 

Ask yourself these to find out your brand adjectives!

When people interact with my content, products, and services, I want them to feel ______.

When I talk to my ideal people, I want my tone of voice to be _________.

When people see something from my brand they think it is _________.

When thinking about my brand, I don’t want people to feel ________, ________, or _______.

If my brand was a person, they would be described as __________, __________, and _______.

By using the above statements, are you clear on your brand’s mission, vision, and values? These will be guiding factors in helping solidify your brand personality and brand tone.

Branding Adjectives and Personality Example

Let’s say I am creating a new furniture brand.  I would start by using one of the above statements to figure out my brand identity’s core being.  I’m going to use the following phrase template, “If my brand was a person, they would be described as __________, __________, and _______.”

For this example brand, it would be filled in as:  If my brand was a person, they would be described as calm, inviting, and minimal.  Do you see how those three adjectives can start to inspire different visuals of not only the product, but the ideal customer!  Where does this customer shop?  Where do they hang out?  This is where we build a detailed brand personality.   

This customer shops in boutiques because they don’t like the hustle and bustle of big box stores.  They hang out in their living room because they like to take breaks away from their home office… and so on!  These different factors help a designer to know what you have going on in your vision, such that they can work out the color palette and visuals for any of the following:

  • brand strategy
  • brand identity design
  • web  & ecommerce design
  • environmental design
  • packaging  & print design
  • content creation

What else can I use my brand adjectives for?

Brand adjectives don’t just help your designer find the tone of your business branding. They can also help you with your website and marketing copy!  Having a consistent tone for all of your writing materials is also important, whether that be on your website or social media.  By being consistent with your brand, your business will come across more cohesive, and in turn, more professionally made.  

You can share brand adjectives with your copywriter or communications team so they can always keep them in mind.  Or, post them up in your office so that you can always be sure to embody these traits when writing for your captions or making product descriptions!

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